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Fun and Learning

Hellie’s World can link education in the classroom with learning at home. Teachers can have flexibility to recommend extra curricular activities to parents which will enable children to expand on themes learnt in school.

The books address a number of big issues, which have different meanings for a variety of cultures. The books are sensitive to this and provide varying options to suit the needs and belief systems of these cultures. Therefore making it easily recommendable to a parent from any background and location as it’s culturally inclusive and non-discriminant.

Themes and Ways to Expand Learning with Hello to Hellie’s World

The Hellie’s World series covers a broad spectrum of themes and depending on the need of the child can be used to communicate aspects of geography, history, religion as well as a number of other core subject. It is designed to act as a springboard for ideas that are inspired by the stories that take place.

As Hellie and her friends journey over volcanoes and other landscapes, the books can be used to explore the geographical implications of volcanoes or to explain the historical significance of a period where certain events took place. It can also be used to show the relationships between things i.e moon and tide and help inner city as well as more rurally located children to understand the relationship between things that they wouldn’t normally be exposed to because of their geographical or cultural situation.

Using Hellie as a compass to help children navigate through the world, here are some ways in which you can expand learning with Hello to Hellie’s World.

Home – understanding of your child’s immediate environment, favourite things, plan of house and garden.

Earth – discussing how the earth was created from different viewpoints, the earth as a precious resource.

Planets and stars – introducing the solar system, naming stars and constellations, finding the North star, navigation by ancestors, understanding time – sun dial, moon landings, earth from space.

Landscapes – Geography – understanding varying terrains and their climates – Google earth, simple map reading – Google maps. Plotting local landscapes, Trees, properties and leaf identification.

Animals – species, mammals, reptiles, birds, connect sounds to animals, tones of sound, Body language – how can you tell if an animal is angry or friendly? Animal adaptation/development – e.g., why does an elephant have a long trunk?

Weather – colours of the rainbow, different weathers, climates and their effects on us.

People – local and ethnic people, the wonder of different shapes and sizes, how people evolved to adapt to different climates and how we adjust today in a changing world.

National Curriculum

Hellie’s World happily aligns with parts of the National Curriculum under the banner of EFYS (Early Years Foundation Stage) particularly ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the World’.

These topics are requirements by the government to be taught in pre-schools and primary schools throughout the UK alongside the National Curriculum. For more information please refer to

Hellie’s World has been influenced by the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).