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What’s in Hellie’s World for parent, carer and teacher?

Hellie’s World books for fun and learning are a series of groundbreaking books that tackle some challenging life questions that children find fascinating. The characters have been created to be part of a real and changing society which children can relate to. They are also based on Helen’s experience of raising two boys and two girls which we hope represents elements which both boys and girls enjoy.

The series links home and classroom; teachers can use them to recommend extra-curricular activities to parents, so children can expand on themes learnt in school. This makes life more fun and interesting for everyone concerned – not just for children, but for you, as a parent, carer or teacher, as well.

Hellie’s World gives children a multisensual, multidimensional window on the world. If you have missed this window in your own life, now is your chance to return and enjoy discovering it for yourself! You can experience:

  • Curiosity, fun, adventure and playfulness.
  • Patience – there are no time limits to making these discoveries.
  • Becoming connected to the world in a new way, and freeing yourself from overwhelming overactivity.
  • Teaching your children to learn to sit quietly with themselves, to listen to the world around them, to absorb it and reflect. To learn the art of being at one with themselves – something we know takes practice.