Hello Everyone – welcome to my world

Hi there, I’m Hellie I love to explore the world. Do you want to join me and my friends on our journey of discovery? Today as I looked up at the sky I saw a blue butterfly with its magnificent shimmering wings and I wondered how it got so sparkly. Do you ever wonder too?


My Sense of Place

Hi from Helen (Author) Knowing where I come from in the world is important to me because it helps me to feel that I belong here in my home, within our village, in our county of Cornwall, in Britain which is part of Europe and the rest of the World. Together with my family, our local plants and landscapes, people and animals they make

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Hello from Grandad

Hello it’s Grandad. I love spending time with my grandaughter Hellie. She’s so curious and loves exploring and asking me never ending questions about life and the world around her. I usually find that a cup of tea helps me to listen better. Hellie and her friends love hearing about the things I’ve found on my travels, especially any I’ve brought back to add to

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