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Activities to discover more about the ELEMENTS of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Enjoy discovering more about the fascinating elements in our world via these resource links for some of the activities featured in ‘Hellie and the Elements’

Hello Earth page 17-18

The Earth’s structure. What’s inside the earth?

Make a papier mache globe

Hello Air page 22-23

Introduction to our Earth’s Atmosphere

Different Cloud Types

Wind Chimes

Paper Aeroplanes

Make a kite

Hello  Fire page 29-30

Sun Facts

All About The Sun

For a more in depth look check out this excellent family guide to the sun below;

A Family Guide to the Sun

Torchlight Activities

Sky Map

Stargazing with Brian Cox

Hello Water Page 34-35

Ocean Facts

Percentage of Water in People

Fantastic Fish Tank Craft

Reflection Painting

Hello to All the Elements Page 38-39

Breathtaking Views of Earth from Space

Music, Art and Poetry Suggestions page 44

To Come