Helen Young — Author

Helen YoungI grew up in Manchester in the era of smog when climbing a tree made my clothes black.  When I was nine we moved to a farm and I loved it, revelling in the freedom to explore the landscape around me.  Whilst my children were young I enjoyed taking them on adventures and making up games in the local woods and park.

For many years I worked as an Occupational Therapist (O.T.) meeting people from all walks of life.  This has given me an understanding of many different people’s points of views and abilities.  My training as an O. T. provided me with the ability to create activities to enhance people’s daily lives.

In 2001 I had a strong sense that I needed to write a series of books for parents and children from the perspective of a child’s eyes.  I realised that I needed a more up-to-date understanding of our environment and in 2004 I spent two years studying for a Foundation Degree in Environmental Arts and Rural Crafts which included environmental education and rekindled my love of nature.  I am now lucky enough to live in the beautiful county of Cornwall close to the sea.