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What is Hellie’s World?

A child is highly receptive between the ages of 4 and 9 years. We believe that this is an important and magical time in their lives, when they’re open to the ‘awe and wonder’ of all things new … even the tiniest things. A time when children develop their connection to the world and sense of place, giving them a positive grounding for life.

Hellie’s World books are all about the world of Hellie, a young girl who together with her grandad, her friends and her dog Jaffa explores the world around her and discovers what is important.

There are 10 years of research behind these books which guide children to ask questions about their world and encourage them to explore their environment. Along with Hellie they can learn about their homes, our earth, planets and stars, plants and landscapes, animals, weather and people.

Benefits for children:

  • Colourful illustrations to look at with engaging characters children can relate to.
  • Creative and reflective activities to enjoy, which stimulate their senses and inspire their imagination.
  • Inspiring awe and wonder and opening children to a greater awareness of how special our world is. Helping them to appreciate nature and giving them a greater sense of belonging.

Benefits for parents

  • Fun focused time with your children helping you bond with your child through themed activities. Giving an opportunity to know your child better.
  • Provides activities during the school holidays with ideas for arts and crafts which are minimal cost.
  • See the world through your child’s eyes and learn from each other’s point of view. Enjoy reminding yourself of those magical moments of discovery which make each day feel precious.

Benefits for teachers

  • Easy to use, compliments the National Curriculum, can help as a resource for lesson planning and help you save time.
  • Brings alive children’s imagination and emotional wisdom by posing reflection questions and encouraging imaginary games.
  • Helps to keep pupils engaged – visually fun and easy to understand. The books can be a bridge between school and home, enriching their sense of place.

By taking a journey through Hellie’s World with your children, you will be able to reflect on your beliefs and have fun engaging with all your senses to experience the world we live in, in real 5D.

The books are in different categories:

Hellie’s Story Activity Guide BooksHello to Hellie’s World and Hellie and the Elements are the first in a series of interactive story activity books designed to be read with an adult and child together for the most enjoyable all round experience. Other books to follow in this series include Hellie and the Senses and Hellie in a Mood.

Learning Activity Books – My World Discovery Explorendium  and My Elements Discovery Explorendium can be used on it’s own or alongside Hello to Hellie’s World and Hellie and the Elements to have fun discovering more about your own world.

Magic Carpet Adventure Story Books  Hellie and the Sensational Magic Carpet is the first of a series of fun adventure stories for older children aged 7 – 10, with questions to spark their imagination. You can join Hellie and her friends on their magical carpet adventures when they zoom off to some weird and wonderful places.